Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage has been around for over 2500 years.  It has been used as a form of treatment to heal many health issues including, but not limited to, muscular-skeletal tension, internal conditions, and emotional stress.  Thai massage is a wonderful treatment to balance the body, mind, and spirit.  Thai massage practitioners apply acupressure to the meridians, which are energy lines that run throughout the whole body.  This technique helps to lively up the body and loosen any energy blocks.  The practitioner performing Thai massage also uses various forms of stretching for the tendons and muscles.  This increases joint mobility, blood circulation, and flexibility.   Pressure is applied to various points to release muscle tension and increase blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body.  Practitioners combine yoga stretches, muscle massage, stimulation of the meridians lines, and joint manipulation throughout the massage.  Some techniques require therapists to use their hands, elbows, knees, or feet. A typical Thai massage session will last at least 90 min. Thai massage is performed on a thick mat on the floor, with the receiver fully clothed, and no lotions or oils are utilized. 

Thai massage was developed to heal, treat illnesses, and to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  Thai massage is a very distinct and unique form of healing body therapy, and will leave you with an overall feeling of being renewed and refreshed. 

Sessions start at 90 minutes and could go as long as desired.  The reason for the session times are because this modality is a very intricate, whole body massage.  Each session will leave you feeling like you have a renewed body!

*Traditional Thai Massage is done with receiver fully clothed because no lotions or oils are used. Please wear loose fitting, workout, or yoga style clothes. We do not provide clothing for you, but feel free to bring your own clothes to change into, or come dressed ready to go. 

Thai Massage Pricing

Traditional Thai Massage sessions start at 90 min and goes up depending on each clients needs.

60 min $95
90 min $130
120 min $170

180 min $260

*Inquire for pricing of anything over 180 min.


  5 sessions-60 min $450
 10 sessions-60 min $850
5 sessions-90 min $600        
10 sessions-90 min $1150
5 sessions-120 min $775

10 sessions-120 min $1500