Prenatal Thai Massage

Prenatal massage has been an integral part in aiding pregnancy for centuries.  The most common reason women get massages during pregnancy is the body changing.  Expansion from the uterus adds more weight which puts pressure on the back.  As the body shifts, the center of gravity changes putting tension on the neck, traps, thoracic, and low back.  Prenatal Thai Massage incorporates the stretching technique of thai massage and the lymphatic drainage technique of prenatal massage.  Lymphatic drainage technique is used in prenatal massage to increase lymph circulation which helps to minimize swelling.  Some of the many benefits of prenatal massage are:

  • Reduces muscle tension, stress, and anxiety; treats discomforts of pregnancy

  • Supports a healthy environment for growing baby

  • Helps restore postural balance, normalizes joint mobility

  • Stimulates venous and lymph circulation to bring nutrients to tissues and move out waste, reduce swelling, and normalize blood pressure

  • Aids in deeper breathing, and enhanced internal respiration

  • Elevates mood to prepare the woman physically, emotionally, and mentally for labor, and encourages maternal love

Massage is powerful in assisting the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy.

*No lotions or oils are used.  Dress in comfortable loose clothing.

Prenatal Pricing

60 min $95
90 min $130

5 sessions-60 min $450
10 sessions-60 min $850
  5 sessions-90 min $600        
10 sessions-90 min $1150